The Secret Of Jujuba


Diverse populations around the world consume Ziziphus jujuba fruit. This type of fruit is also called Chinese date because of its prevalence in mainland China. The use of Chinese data has been widespread for a long history, especially in China. Ancient artifacts and literature recorded how people took this fruit as a supplement. Jujuba has significant benefits for long-term consumption. It has been considered an essential part of Chinese medicine. Herbal-related products containing jujuba may have nutritional and medical benefits in promoting human health. Benefits include:


    • Supplying vitamins for daily intake
    • Improving the quality of sleep
    • Protecting the digestive system



With more and more research on jujuba, many nutrients have been explored, including minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and sugars. Specifically, jujuba contains high amounts of major minerals, such as potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. Moreover, this fruit's vitamin C and minerals help promote metabolism.




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