Introduction to Lichun

Chinese ancestors divide a calendar year into 24 terms. As the land gradually warms up, new leaves start to grow. Meanwhile, the energy of spring stimulates excitement for enjoying outdoor activities. Due to more extended daylight, Yang energy rises to bring people warmth and eliminate restraints inside of the body. As a first solar node, Lichun usually happens at the beginning of February. It represents the start of spring; therefore, farmers generally hold special events to celebrate. Those ceremonies are intend to bring people good fortune and hope; this is particularly meaningful to Chinese farmers.



There are many traditions for the celebration of Lichun; some may have a history of thousand of years. Ancient kings and civilians value Lichun. Today, in many northern regions, people usually eat Chunbing (a kind of pancake) on the day called Lichun. Chunbing is also referred to as spring pancakes. They are wrapped around meat and fresh vegetables. Chinese people generally eat spring pancakes to welcome spring and celebrate growth.