New Year And Wellness

Many cultures celebrate the New Year in different ways. The celebration of this event symbolizes a new calendar year and marks the end of the cold season. Asian ancestors believed people would gradually gain positive energy as spring approached.


Things we need to know in the New Year


Cold season is frequently believed to lead to depressive symptoms and other mental issues. Stress and depression, including chronic type, may disrupt the energy flow through the body. Ancient doctors believe a smooth flow of Qi is essential to restore positive energy and remove blockages. As Chinese New Year is approaching, warmth and new plants might bring positivity. They allow us to lower stress levels and store energy.



The dietary patterns vary in different regions. The daily intake of foods with specific features may help to keep healthy. For example, meat such as beef and lamb are classified as Yang foods because of their “hot” characteristics. To balance nutrition, vegetables such as daikon are recommended as Yin foods. When we successfully balance what we eat, organs would function properly. It also makes energy flow smoothly with fewer blockages. As people plan to enjoy delicious meals to celebrate the New Year, keep in mind food features to protect your wellness.