TCM And The Cold Season


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been considered a popular treatment plan in North America. As a mainstream complementary and alternative medicine method, TCM utilizes unique principles to study disease. Asian ancestors believe that humans and the universe interact with each other; namely, we are a part of the macro system. People assume climate has special forces on the human body. Daylight, seasons, and other natural elements may affect our internal circulation.



The common cold usually appears among different populations during the winter. Symptoms include runny nose, fatigue, and sore throat; the duration and severity may also vary depending on different situations. Specifically, cold weather possibly causes the deficiency and leads to the wind-cold type common cold. To relieve symptoms, Chinese practitioners used to treat them with natural materials. For instance, ginger and brown sugar with boiling water is a popular prescription to strengthen internal functions.


Different people show different conditions; therefore, the treatment should be flexible based on individual characteristics.


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