Pre-Thanksgiving Guide: 4 Ways For Enjoying A Healthy Break

The best thanksgiving gift is your health. So we have prepared some ideas for your Thanksgiving break.


1. Relaxation

Acupuncture is a non-pharmacological method for many symptoms. It has been widely explored in treating physical and psychological problems. For example, prolonged fatigue caused by workload significantly affects the quality of life. Before your thanksgiving trip starts, reducing fatigue without pharmacological options is a good idea. Book your acupuncture session to refresh your body and enjoy the holiday thoroughly.


2. Digestive Issues

It’s time to enjoy dinner time with your family and friends! But we also understand that digestive issues might be a nightmare during the holiday season. Drinking water is a practical tip to help your body process food and reduce the pressure on the stomach. It is essential to allow nutrients to be absorbed through internal flow.


3. Exercise

Don’t forget to keep exercising during the vacation. Enjoying leisure time with family and friends through outdoor games is highly recommended. It will help the body burn off calories and maintain an internal balance.


4. Supplements

Your immune system is also vital. To balance your turkey dinner, take a daily vitamin C supplement such as raspberries or a cup of herbal tea will strengthen the immune system and protect our cells.


Take care!