The Upcoming Winter: Are You Ready To Secure Your Wellness?

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As seasons change, leaves disappear from trees. Depressive symptoms frequently appear in autumn and winter due to short days and low temperatures. Seasonal affective disorder, a kind of depression, shows common signs such as fatigue and sleep problems.

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the interaction between humans and the earth. Thus, changes in daylight affect the status of human bodies. Based on Chinese philosophy, Yin symbolizes cold and dark, consistent with winter's representation. Therefore, when winter is coming, an imbalance caused by shorter days might lead to a block of the internal cycle.

Here are some tips to remember to stay healthy and warm to maintain harmony with the seasons.


Slow down your rhythm
  • Less heavy workload
  • Enjoy outdoor activities
  • Step away from stressful routines
Focus on yourself
  • Practice meditation
  • Accept who you are
Get treatment
  • Acupuncture gradually becomes a modern approach to relaxation. The ultimate goal is to promote your well-being naturally.
  • Tuina applies manual techniques in a quiet space to help release your tension.
Keep your body warm
  • Soak in a warm bath
  • Wear scarves and gloves outside
  • Drink hot tea


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